Set Up and Use of Ace TV All-In-One App

How To Set Up And Use, Ace TV All-In-One App!

1. After Installing and Opening App, You will see the Add User Screen. 
First Enter a Name for the User (Not your service Username), usually the Name of the Service (Ace, Premium or Prime)
But you can name it anything you like.


2. Next your gonna enter your Username for your service.

3. Then The Password

4. Click Add User

5. And Now your Service is Added And Ready to Use.
Click on the Add User Button to Setup any other Ace Tv Services you are subscribed to.

Switching between Services is simple, just Click on the Switch User Icon in the Top Right Corner.

And it will Bring you to the User List. Just Click on the Service you want to Switch to.

There are a few settings you might want to become familiar with.
Click on the Gear icon in the top right corner.

Click on Stream Format box.

Change format to MPEGTS then click Save Changes

Click on Player Settings Box

Change to Hardware Decoder then Save Changes

In the General Settings Tab:

You might want to turn off AutoStart on Bootup.

In the Time Format Tab:

You might want to change the Time Format from 24Hr to 12Hr.

And under Parental Controls:

This is where you can setup a Parental Password if you so wish.
In all cases whenever you make a change, make sure to click the save button or the changes you want will not save.

Lastly if you Click on the Account info Icon:

You will be able to see if your account is active, the date it expires and how many connections as well as LogOut of the account.
This info is service specific only showing info on the service you are currently using.


 Once you have all your Services set up, you are ready to use your Ace TV Service.
Just Click on the service you would like to use.
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